Amazon Announces Prime Day Success and Revival Plans Despite Social Media Backlash

Amazon Prime DayPrime Day, a 24 hour sales event hosted by the popular e-commerce website Amazon in order to celebrate its 20th anniversary, was a huge success… that is according to the company itself. The question of whether or not the company, which is currently the #1 internet-based retailer in the U.S., would achieve their highly ambitious goal of topping Black Friday sales numbers has been seemingly answered. The answer is yes, at least according to Amazon, but this bold claim is little more than just that, as the company has yet to release any concrete data.

With regards to Prime Day sales numbers, the website boasts a whopping 34.4 million item sales, with Prime users having purchased 398 items per second, surpassing Black Friday records on both counts. Also important to note is the rise in memberships to the website’s Prime service, which costs $99 annually and comes with a 30-day free trial that allows users to decide whether or not they want to become paid members after it has ended. The Prime Day event was only available to members of the service, and just in the 24 hours during which the sale was active, the company had more new members sign up for it than in any other day in its history.

amazonDespite the impressive sales numbers, the event faced severe backlash on social media, with many angry customers accusing the company of hosting the sale in order to get rid of old warehouse stock and likening the event to a garage sale. Customers took to websites like Facebook, Tumblr, and Twitter to vent their  frustrations, often attaching the hashtag #PrimeDayFail.

The backlash doesn’t seemed to have phased Amazon, who announced plans to revive Prime Day, possibly even hosting the event yearly.

In a statement by the company, Greg Greeley, the vice president of Amazon Prime was quoted as saying “Going into this, we weren’t sure whether Prime Day would be a one-time thing or if it would become an annual event … after yesterday’s results, we’ll definitely be doing [it] again.”


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