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HerokiSEGA, the company infamous for the Sega Genesis console and game titles like Sonic the Hedgehog, joined forces with Picomy to bring about an amazing new cutesy app game for the iPhone, Heroki. Heroki is a premium action adventure game, featured exclusively (at the time of this writing) on the IOS platform, and is designed for both the iPhone and the iPad. In this game, you play as the main character Heroki, a young boy with propellers on his head, who is on a quest to recover the “Emerix” – a gadget which supplies power to his village of Levantia, which has been stolen by the villainous Dr. N. Forchin and his flunky Vapor – a green armored young boy who also has a propeller on his head. The game permits you to fly, plunge and dash in over 24 levels across three areas, which is comprise of a beach, forest and desert type areas, each with individually made backgrounds that flawlessly compliment the wonderful adorable world that has been created.

Heroki Graphics

HerokiThe graphics of Heroki are irrefutably dazzling. The 3-D rendered world is remarkably stunning, vivid, and loaded with an incredible amount of detail; taking advantage of iPhone’s powerful graphics processor. The game runs at approximately about 60 FPS (Frames per second), a reason why the game looks amazingly smooth. The characters have their own particular remarkable appearances and identities, which simply add appeal to the title.

HerokiBy far the best thing about Heroki is the backgrounds. Picomy have clearly put a considerable amount of effort into furnishing the game with vibrant colors, as well as fantastic moving visuals to provide an amazing gaming experience. Each level is individual, and is moving, not like the still backgrounds that is frequently found in IOS games.

Heroki Sounds and Music

HerokiThe music is soothing, but quirky, and the sound effects are delightful to listen. The game features unique music, which is for the most part stunning. It is actually much better if you wear headphones when you play this game so that you could fully immerse yourself in the adventure. In addition, the sound effects which are unique to your surrounding blend beautifully with the relaxing tones of Heroki. In one of its levels, you can even hear the splash of the waterfalls, which gives a pleasant experience.

Heroki Gameplay

HerokiWhile the objective of Heroki is to save Levantia, you’re going to have to do that by clearing one level at a time, and there are four lush zones to fly through. Each level will have five pieces of a collectible that you ought to acquire for power-ups later on, and the endpoint is marked by a magic portal that you should fly through in order to progress to the next stage. Along the way, there are many enemy creatures and bosses that you need to knock out with boxes, items, and abilities (once unlocked). There are also coins that you can gather to spend on items and upgrades in the shop. While traversing the levels, it’s smart to explore everything, including hugging the walls, so you can find secret areas that may likewise provide you with additional goodies like treasure chests or a collectible piece you require for unlocking abilities. There are also puzzles that you will need to solve in order to proceed, making this game a bundle of fun.

HerokiBefore beginning the adventure, you are given a tutorial about how to control Heroki, as well as how to use Heroki’s dive to break “cloudboxes”. Heroki has three modes of which to control the character, the first is by utilizing the touch screen to push Heroki around his surroundings, the second is the joystick like method of using directions to control Heroki, and the last method is the use of a single finger to drag Heroki. The push method can be quite confusing, and the joystick method did not seem to give the same measure of control over the main character. There are also issues when you use the dive ability. When you tap under the main character’s body, the drag control system would cause Heroki to simply fly downwards. Another issue is when picking up boxes and then dropping them, which can be done by tapping the box, sometimes Heroki would dive instead.

HerokiIt’s vital to time your flight and be accurate with it as well, since you are on a limited amount of health. A heart in the upper left corner will be divided into three pieces, and on the off chance that you get hit by an enemy or touch a hazard in the level, then you lose one. If you lose all of the heart pieces, then you lose a life. Fortunately, you have backup lives that allow you to try again, but if you lose all of them, it’s game over. It is also worth noting that if you die in a level, your collectible might disappear.

HerokiThe levels are comprise of numerous paths that may be flown in order to gain the collectibles called “Emirals”. There are also letters of Heroki’s to gather, these provide additional points, which help attain full completion of the level, as well as extra points to place on the online leader-board. Finally, when the player returns to the village, there are side quests which can be found. Here, you can finish side quests such as looking for pirate Gumbo’s key, catching his parrot, and a mini-game in which you have to stack blocks in a limited amount of time for the farmer.

Heroki Screenshots

Heroki Heroki Heroki

Heroki Trailer

Heroki Download

You can download the game on the iTunes app page.

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