How to remove Serviks.Exe?

Computer Virus ServiksServiks or Serviks.exe (translation: Cervix) is a high risk trojan horse that probably originated from Indonesia and was written by an Indonesian programmer. It was reported to had first been on 2012, but it could probably date back earlier. This virus is a rootkit type, meaning it is a stealthy type of software. Among the noticeable behaviors of this malicious program is that it generates a text file on Drive C with a title of FUCK OF MALINGSIA.TXT, it also creates a document file entitled LIRIK LAGU.DOC, and a Dynamic Link Library module named MSVBVM60.DLL which allows the virus to link its functioning parts together.

Its executable file is stored in Windows’ System Folder as SERVIKS.EXE. It was reported that it can be used to steal bank information and user(s) passwords. It can also download malicious software from hacker’s websites, as well as allow someone to connect to your computer remotely. It can hijack your computer and gain administration privileges including taking control of your printer and browser.

Serviks.exe has been reported having the file size of 67072 bytes (67-68KB). It is also known as BACKDOOR/DOSIA.

How to remove SERVIKS.EXE?

Once Serviks.exe runs on your computer, it can cripple your antivirus. It is a rootkit, so usually it can avoid detection.

There are various ways to remove Serviks.exe, one is by installing the program UnHackMe. UnHackMe is designed to deal with rootkits. It is compatible with most antivirus softwares and uses minimum system resources. You can use the Trial version to remove Serviks.

However, you need to have an OS of either NT4/2000/XP/2003/Vista/Seven/Windows8 or higher. It supports 32 and 64 bit systems.

To remove Serviks.exe, follow the steps below:

1. Download UnHackMe.
2. UnHackMe comes may be downloaded as a zip file. If your computer can’t recognize the file type, you may need to download a ZIP utility such as WINZIP or WINRAR. After that, you have to install the ZIP utility and use it to open UnHackMe’s zip file.
3. Run unhackme_setup.exe to install UnHackMe. Follow the step by step instructions.
4. Open UnHackMe. It can also be found in Start -> Programs -> UnHackMe -> UnhackMe.
5. Click the Check Me Now button.
6. Read and follow the instructions to fix your problems.

For a full guide, see its instruction manual here.

If you are not sure of what to do, you may cancel the procedure and:

· Use the Help In Removal feature.
· Visit their support center and provide them with your Log File (regrunlog.txt) – it is created on your desktop.

Miscellaneous Problems

Since Serviks.exe downloads other viruses into your computer, you may get other problems that might prevent you from installing UnHackMe or any other rootkit removal tools. If this happens, you can try other alternatives like installing ComboFix. This program works outside of the shell (OS) and runs even before the virus could execute on boot. Be sure to follow the instructions. After ComboFix removes some of the viruses, you may install UnHackMe and rescan your computer.

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