Jewelbots: Hi-tech and programmable friendship bracelet designed to motivate girls into coding


When science and emotion mix together, the results can be remarkable. Jewelbots is that kind of creativity which is expected to exhibit the old-school friendship bracelet into the iPhone era and instruct girls to code utilizing its smart jewelry.

A project named Kickstarter, which is being driven by a team of tech enthusiasts, has already raised twice as much the $30,000 mark and has developed an open-source wearable for teen and tween girls to motivate them to learn coding through simple logic.

Key features of the Jewelbots bracelet includes four LEDs, a vibration motor, and Bluetooth connectivity. All of them are connected to each other to develop a network which doesn’t require any phone to communicate with friends — through a mesh network. The Jewelbots bracelet is designed and programmed in such a way that it can detect nearby friends and send secret texts (morse codes). Not only that, with a few taps and some simple logic, it can be extended to do much more. Extending the bracelet is uncomplicated and easy to do — using only a smartphone and a simple “if this then that” style workflow. Moreover, it can be programmed to light up when a specific friend is within a certain range. The bracelet can also be plugged into a computer through USB and developed on directly to add more extensions by using the Arduino integrated development environment (IDE).

The project was done with the help of a group of teen girls who provided feedback on aesthetics and functionality.

The developers had already established two phases of prototypes and now plans a final round before testing and production begins later this year. The minds behind the Jewelbots bracelet, Sara Chipps & Brooke Moreland, set this up to inspire passion, curiosity and lasting love for computers and programming. They also hope to get girls to open their thoughts to science, technology, engineering and mathematics [STEM] at an age when many lose interest. Jewelbots bracelet can be a tactile way to stimulate girls’ interest in coding and provides a way to getting them devoted to it. Last month, the company also hosted “Bring Your Daughter To Hack” Events, where kids were able to develop their own wearables.

The price of the bracelet starts at $59, with a pack of two costing $89. The date of shipping will not start until March 2016 and reward tiers are limited. Buyers may need to be agile in order to get it.

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