Telegram with Aniways App Review


telegram with aniwaysTelegram with Aniways for iOS is a free iPhone app made by Aniways. It is an alternative messaging application that is based on the official Telegram service. It’s a messenger app similar to apps like Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp.

The app requires its users to connect to the Telegram service. For this, users may have to create an account. Users may also have to use their phone number so that their contacts could find them on the service, or see them providing they are already in their contacts’ address book. Users may also edit their profile, which includes name, username, and profile photo. However, if the users already have a Telegram account, then users may just use the information they originally signed up with.

Telegram with AniwaysThe design of Telegram with Aniways is pretty straightforward and clean, making it user friendly. It also looks like a built-in iOS app. There are three main views for Chats, Contacts, and Settings, so everything is conveniently sorted out and navigating the app is quick and simple. There is also an option to change the default plain background of the chat screen with another wallpaper. Most of these wallpapers are also quiet ravishing.

Since Telegram with Aniways uses the Telegram service, anyone among the user’s contacts who are also using telegram can be added on top of the list. This is providing the user has granted the app permission to access the address book. Users may also be able to see when were their contacts were last online, that is providing the contacts had choose to reveal their online status. Additionally, users can also invite individuals to Telegram, start a secret chat, and send out a broadcast to all of their friends (one message conveyed to numerous people).

When a user starts a chat, it will show up in the Chats list, complete with the recipients profile picture and timestamps. The messages are indicated in a light green color, and incoming messages are in a grayish white. Every message has a timestamp shown next to it for users to know precisely when it was sent. Checkmarks appear on messages if they were successfully sent, and twofold checkmarks will be shown to indicate that the message was read.

Telegram with AniwaysAside from the basic text messages, Telegram with Aniways can also send images and videos, send contact cards, and reveal the user’s location. These can be done by tapping on the paperclip icon in the text field, bringing up a menu with the options. Users can even scroll through recent pictures in the Camera Roll or snap another photograph. Voice messages can be sent via the app as well. This can be done by pressing and holding the microphone button found next to the emoji button in order to record.

Another fun feature of Telegram with Aniways are the emojis and stickers called “Smart Emoticons.” As users type, the app will highlight certain words. This implies that there is an emoji or sticker that can be use in place of the characters. These show up in real-time over the text field while writing. Aside from the emoticons and stickers, there are also some related animated GIFs which users can use in the text field. These can be revealed by swiping the bar to the left. Emoticons can also be customized by changing the settings for the emoticon bar. Tapping the emoji button on the text bar will bring up the custom stickers and emoji that the Telegram with Aniways app uses.

Telegram with AniwaysTelegram with Aniways provides a search feature in the Chats screen that allows users to filter through entire conversations or messages. The search is amazingly quick, and appears to be faster than how iMessage works. A tap on the result will immediately take users directly to the searched message found in the thread, unlike iMessage which takes you to the end of a conversation.

In the settings screen of Telegram with Aniways, users can set their profile photograph, configure notifications and sound settings, set privacy and security, configure chat settings, and choose a background. Also, if users wind up with a different phone number they initially signed up with, they can change it and all of their information will be moved to that new number. Any contacts associated with the user’s old number will automatically get the updated number, providing the user had not blocked them. The username can be edited too.

Telegram with Aniways seem to be a lot faster when compared to iMessage (especially media), and the Smart Emoticons are much easier to access. This app is definitely a good alternative to other messenger apps. Telegram with Aniways can be downloaded on the App Store as a universal download for free.

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