Unwynd App Review


UnwyndUnwynd is a stylish, minimalistic new indie puzzle game for the iOS platform.

UNWYND, a stylish new puzzle game created by the developers at an up and coming independent game studio in India called Dropout Games. Unwynd is the company’s first title and it is apparent from its success that they are already off to a strong start. As a studio in a country whose game development scene is still in an early stage and has yet to produce a major title, Dropout Games is highly ambitious and actively striving to earn their place as a contender among other larger development companies.

The game itself, which offers over 90 levels, involves simply swiping blocks in different directions in order to match configurations of shapes presented at the top of the screen, in a way seemingly inspired by the age old game of tic tac toe. The sleek design is colorful but not gaudy, the music is calm and soothing, and the gameplay is simple but challenging.


UnwyndUnwynd does an excellent job at reeling in the casual gamer, due to its incredibly simplistic game mechanics and minimalistic design. By presenting relaxing gesture based gameplay that is easy to get the hang of at first, the game coaxes the player into engaging in challenges that become increasingly more difficult.

Among a flurry of modern puzzle games designed for the casual gamer, Unwynd offers a refreshing contrast for those looking for a more challenging gameplay experience on the mobile platform. The intricacy and complexity of the puzzles are what make this game more than just a simple time-passer.


The game’s neon pink and blue color scheme is vibrant but not over flashy, creating a smooth professional look. Often one of the challenges of designing games for the iOS platform is creating graphics that are exciting but not overwhelming for users, given limitations such as screen size. In addition to the color scheme, the geometric design also contributes to the games minimalistic feel.


UnwyndInterestingly, Unwynd only plays music at the app’s menu screen, opting instead for a lulling silence during the gameplay. This works in the way that is is both calming and helps maintain focus on the gameplay. However, it is a bit off-putting. The music on the menu screen is quaint and simple; the technological synthesizer sounds and soft drums truly evoke the modernistic and minimalistic feel of the whole game. My only quibble is the lack of fluidity when the musical loop restarts. The transition is abrupt and slightly irritating and could be fixed in later patches.


This minimalistic experience proves that in the field of iOS puzzle games, Dropout Games is the studio to keep an eye on. Altogether UNWYND is a stylistically enticing game that provides an enriching gameplay experience.

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